A tale of Old Ilizarovs from Australia Number Six
As related via e-mail to me and his family and associates by
Mark Northage
[This is really good news from Mark, a real boost to hear how it's all gone so well..Slim]
Hi Folks,

Great news today on the leg front. X-rays show union at both the osteotomy and break sites!
Dr Holt's precise words were "It's as good as it possibly could be at this stage". He told me I could now do "anything" with the leg and that I wouldn't need to see him for another 3 months.
The nail will remain in place for a further 2 years.

Looking at the x-rays, it is clear that the bone is not as dense in the growth areas but this will fill in over time.
Even the radiographer descibes both sites as having "firm union".
What can I say except PRAISE GOD and thank you all so much for your faithful prayers.

Rehabilitation remains a priority and although muscle development has been good, there is still some pain, particularly in the hip/top of femur area.
To walk any distance I am using a stick (thanks, Matt & Toria!) but hope this will tail off as I get onto the step machine at the gym!

Work-wise, nothing is leaping out to grab me yet although I've taken some bold steps and await results.
Some of you know I am trying to make a major career change either into the car industry or some sort of related business.
To this end, I am considering doing an MBA. In any event, the aim is to stay in Oz if possible.
Your continued prayers on this front would also be welcomed..

. Warmest regards,

And here's the latest that I received from Mark at the beginning of January 2000

Mark's greeting image

To Slim Haines,


Warmest regards,


PS. My leg is nearly better, if that's any encouragement! The nail stays in for another couple of years...I have decided to stay here in Australia.

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