A tale of Old Ilizarovs from Australia Number Five
As related via e-mail to me and his family and associates by
Mark Northage
Hi Folks,

Just to let you know that all our hopes and prayers have not been in vain.

Today, x-rays showed I have good regenerate growing the full length of the osteotomy (the big gap)! Although it is not so obvious on one side (the outside, where the corticotomy procedure disturbs the periosteum) it is bound to grow in all around, given more time.

The fracture site is harder to read at the moment. There is no obvious change but Dr Holt is confident it will come good. This weekend, he's off to Melbourne with my x-rays and a photo he took at his surgery today of my leg at full knee bend - both for show and tell purposes at the 'Ilizarov Users Group' (all 15 of them!)

I now have permission to walk with only one crutch or stick, cycle, swim and best of all, drive!

At the end of the consultation Dr Holt asked me what I was doing about work...

Love to all,
Psalm 103:2,3

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