A tale of Old Ilizarovs from Australia Number Three
As related via e-mail to me and his family and associates by
Mark Northage
Hi there folks,

At last, the photos of my mechano are here.
Just in time it would seem. My surgeon told me on Tuesday that he wants to remove the frame on 7th July! This is much sooner than expected (8 weeks in the frame) but the plan is to remove the risk of infection by closing all the holes which lead from the outside world into the marrow of my femur!

Although the bone has a long way to go yet before anything like union is achieved, Dr Holt must be confident it's going to work...

The frame has nearly completed it's job of extending the leg. On Tuesday, the adjustors (see photos) showed I'd wound on 30mm. Rough measurement of the x-rays showed the actual separation at the growth site (osteotomy) is about 25mm. Dr Holt wants more gap to play with when he removes the frame. The true length deficit of the femur was 28mm but due to shrinkage of new bone and the possibility of having to "dynamise" the break site to get union (later), we need to get more length in the osteotomy now.

Thus, he has instructed me to wind on another 10mm at the adjustors. With 15 days for 10mm I decided to reduce my adjusting to 3 times a day instead of the usual 4. This is because about 5 days ago I hit some kind of limit in the skin/muscles ability to stetch! Every adjustment hurts and I am in pain a lot of the time. Moving is not a good experience. It feels like a hot poker sticking into my hip and the skin around the growth area is hyper-sensitive to touch. More Neurofen certainly helps but there's no substitute for crying out to Daddy who always comes thru', especially at night when I feel worst.

When he takes the frame off, Dr Holt will insert 3 screws thru' the femur into the internal nail which will lock it all in place at the new length. This will allow the bone to grow across the osteotomy and to continue uniting at the break site. And it allows me to start rehabilitating my leg...

Scarier still, I'm going to have to get on with my life instead of reading John Grisham novels, watching "Heartbreak High" on tele, racing a Dodge Viper on the computer and lying on my sister's kid's trampoline in the Queensland sunshine. Woops...think I just lost all that sympathy generated by tales of pain...

Seriously tho', I'd appreciate prayers for my next move. No option presents itself as "clearly the way to go" at the moment!

Well, seeing is believing (not) and here is the evidence. We must warn viewers that some people may find the following images disturbing (or just plain offensive to more refined aesthetic tastes)...

Love to all,


Nice leg squire! Matching outfits!
Pin sites with fashionable red foam covers Check the 30mm increase in length! 30mm stretch AND tracking scars - groovy!

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