A tale of Old Ilizarovs from Australia Number Two
As related via e-mail to me and his family and associates by
Mark Northage
Hi folks,

13 days after I went under the knife, it was time for my first post-op' appointment with Doctor Holt on Tuesday this week.
Paul bundled me into the Toyota Tarago (making the people carrier into a disabled taxi) with baby Sian (11mths) sitting next to me and we goo goo gaa gaa'd our way to Auchenflower and the Wesley Hospital.
After the obligatory wait, looking at out of date Women's Weekly magazines, I was summonsed into the private consulting room where Dr Holt unceremoniously pulled all the foam pads off my pin/wire sites and swabbed them with white spirit. As you can imagine, they were a tad cheesy after 13 days...To clean the holes, he soaked a cotton bud in hydrogen peroxide and poked around inside.
The one worrying feature is that the pin sites on my thigh are weeping more than he expected, although after cleaning, there was no sign of infection. Apparently the hospital reported the presence of a bacteria (or some infection) after the operation which Dr Holt was confident would have been wiped out by the antibiotics given me in hospital.
However, to be on the safe side, I now have a course of oral antibiotics (Cephalexin) to get thru' over 5 days or so.
X-rays of the gammy leg revealed that the corticotomy has separated by at least 5mm, which is according to plan. I was a little disconcerted by a degree of apparent mis-alignment of the sections but Dr Holt seemed unfazed and said I should keep winding on the mm. It's too early to say whether the bone is growing across the gap so it's all systems go and keep praying the body does it's thing according to the Ilizarov theory.
As for the break site, it looks the same as usual - broken! The psuedoarthrosis, as they call it, did hold together during surgery and re-nailing but there is no sign of any response to the trampolining yet. It's early days and, as with the corticotomy, given time the break should respond and unite.
Today, I performed my first pin/wire site cleaning operation at home - a laborious and slightly distasteful undertaking, during which I nearly suffocated in alcohol and peroxide fumes! Cleaning and replacing the 9 foam pads is a real fag and had better be more effective than leaving the holes exposed to the elements or I will soon resort to the latter!
Well, these emails are beginning to sound like The Fantastic Voyage, but sadly lack the 70's psychadelic visual effects of the movie version!

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers,


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