Other people and their fixators

As I've managed to cajole people into sending me photos of their various appendages in frames, so now, being the trouble maker I am, I'm trying to get the written word as well.
This page gives the links into various stories that have been written by other frame wearers and kindly passed on to me for inclusion.

Australian Tales No.1
Mark Northage presents his first epistle on the Australia Ilizarov experience.
Australian Tales No.2
Mark Northage presents his further episitle on the Australian Ilizarov experience.
Australian Tales No.3 plus Photos!!
Our antipodean correspondent Mark Northage continues his story with photographic evidence!
Australian Tales No.4
The latest news from Down Under courtesy of Mark Northage.
Australian Tales No.5
Mark Northage brings us up to speed on his leg's healing
Australian Tales No.6
Mark Northage brings us bang up to date with the good news!
Netherlands Ilizarov
Gerdien Folmer shares her Ilizarov story.
Netherlands Ilizarov
Gerdien Folmer continues her Ilizarov story.
Another female-fitted-femoral-frame story
Miranda Evans gives her story and pictures of her femoral Ilizarov
More of Miranda's femoral story.
The continuing story of Miranda and her frame showing snaps of her x-rays.
A Texan tells his story.
Michael Phillips from the U.S.A gives his story with great pictures
Another story from Down Under.
Jock Dunkley from Oz shares his story.
Leanne's tale, Scary reading!
Leane Koelewyn gives us the rundown on her frame.
Mike Donahue's Femoral frame from the U.S.
A femoral frame tale from Mike Donahue.
Laura Lazar's 7" regrowth tale
How Laura lost and then regrew 7 inches of her leg
Art Coury's tale
How Art Coury got his frame, related to me by his Wife Barbara
Robin Brewer from Australia
Ilizarov was the answer to Robins injuries from an accident 20 years previous.
Charlie Ambrose, another wearer from from Australia
After a bike accident tore his leg apart, fixation was the answer.
Pallav K Gupya, a frame wearer from India
After a lorry crushed his leg, Pallav met with Dr Shalya & the Ilizarov technique.
Jonothan Bridges
After a car ran a stop sign, Jonothan needed fixation to help him heal.
Brian Cathers
After problems set in from an 12 year old 'repair', Brian starts on the fixator trail
Tim Tindall
After a serious racing car crash tim ended up in a frame.
Joe Pearce
The story of a young Ollier's sufferer from the UK
Melinda Dillon
A story from the U.S of Melinda's bike smash and her subsequent fixator
A 3 year old from New Zealand, Becky's Grandparents tell her story
Lucia Roncaglia
Lucia Roncaglia from Copenhagen tells her story
Helen Wase
Helen's is a long, long story
Leanne [Slingshot]
Leanne from Australia relate how she get her fixator

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