The following page contains extracts from an article published in the Sun (An English daily paper) on December 23rd 1999.
[With due acknowledgement to that source]

Big-hearted Westlife cheer up sick kiddies with a Santa Claus treat

Melanie and Stephanie with Westlife at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital
The article in the Sun detailed how top band Westlife visited children who were patients at the world famous Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London, England.
At the time, twins Stephanie and Melanie Smith (central in the above photo wearing their frames) were both patients undergoing their respective Ilizarov treatments for Leri Weill syndrome.
A brief inclusion from the paper reads thus.

Twins Melanie and Stephanie Smith, 16 from Whitstable, Kent, who have had corrective surgery on their legs said
"We were nervous when they talked to us but they were really nice.
It's the best Christmas ever.

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