And now a story from India.
Pallav Gupta

Dear Mr. Dale Haines

I am Pallav K. Gupta and I am looking after the web site of Dr. Subhash Shalya.
First of all I would like to wish you a very speedy recovery and relief from the pain and agony one bears during the course of this Ilizarov Treatment.
Even I had sufferred the very much same as you had. I met with a very serious road accident on 2nd July 1997 at the age of 21. When I was riding a bike and a truck hit me from behind and ran over my leg crushing it leg 3 inches below the knee.
It was a severe crush injury involving a total length of about 6 inches. Fortunately my joints both knee and ankle joints were safe with very minor damage.
Earlier doctors at a local nursing home tried out a external A/O Fixator which did'nt suceed and finally on 8th Oct. 1997 I was shifted to Apollo Hospital under the treatment of Dr. Subhash Shalya and the very next day after a 8 hour long surgery I was wearing a Ilizarov Frame with 7 inches of shortening in limb which was removed on 21 st September 1999 and its because of him that I am walking normally as anyone today and any one could hardly make a guess that what I had been through.
I do admit that you have done an excellent work on your web site about providing info on Ilizarov Treatment. Though I haven't seen all the pages yet as it is already 0245 am and I am feeling sleepy. You can of course add my Doctors link from your web site.
Once again wishing you all the best and speedy recovery

Pallav then kindly sent along a couple of shots of himself and these are presented below with a bit more of his story

Hello Slim,
How are you doing. Hope you are much better now. Remeber me ?? We had talked about Dr. Subhash Shalya's web site earlier. His site has shifted and is now at
Your site is coming up in a excellent way, moreover its an information centre for all the ilizarov patients.
You have done a great job. I am sending you my two pictures, one with the external A/O fixator which was applied immediately after the accident on 2nd July 1997 and another is a more recent one with my doctor.
The earlier treatment failed to help me in any way and I was a step away from amputation when the doctor reffered me to Apollo Hospital, New Delhi under the treatment of Dr. Shalya.
I was operated on 9th Oct 1997 and this frame was put on my leg. The total length increased was nearly 7 inches in 23 months.
The frame was removed on 21st September 1999. I am fine now with little stiffness in the ankle joint and foot joints. I think thats because of the foot frame which I was wearing from Day one.


Pallav and his first fixator, gently relaxing! Pallav, his Ilizarov and his Doctor

Thanks very much for your kind words about the web site Pallav and thanks also for your best wishes.

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