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Welcome to the fifth page of the photogallery of Ilizarovs. My continued thanks go to all those people who have agreed to let me show the world how their limbs were clad in the frame that fixes and stretches!

Eileen Mcquillan sent me the picture opposite of her and her frame. This was taken as part of an insurance claim which raises a good point to remember. If you are involved in any form of litigation,

I presently am in the litigation turnstile so I can't really say much but believe me, the 'other side' will do EVERYTHING to try to disprove your claim.
Josť before she had her frame fittedFront view of Josť and her frameSide view of Josť and her frame
The pictures above are of Josť Oostra. She sent them to me with this e-mail.
Hi Slim,
Finally a note from me again...
I wear my Ilizarov for 3 months now. My leg is back to the normal length and is straight again. So far, everything goes fine, no infections or that kind of stuff. I will send you some photos I made of my leg. The first photo is how my leg looked before the operation.

Bye, Josť

The pictures below are from Aaron Thamm. He's told me that if I put them on the website then he'll send me the background story. OK Aaron, it's over to you!
Full length shot of Aaron's leg Lower leg shot of Aaron's frame Shot of ring below knee Close up of pin sites on Aaron's knee
The next pictures (below) belong to Charles Peel. He attached an e-mail entitled 'ILIZAROV GONE BAD'
As old-time readers of this site know, I paint a balanced picture of the fixation state. Sadly Charle's story comes in fair and square on the problem side. Here is is his message and then his pictures.

I'm glad to find other people who have endured some of the same pain and mental stress of wearing this contraption.
The only sad thing is mine was done by an amateur and I have suffered dearly from it.
My knee is now frooze up and my leg is crooked and I now walk on the side of my foot.
I have looked for an Orthopedic Surgeon here in Dallas Texas and everyone I have seen refuses to fix the problem. I attached a couple of pictures and have a few more.
My surgery was aired on Channel 11 News here in Dallas. I wasn't aware they were doing this till the night before. They not only lengthened my leg 2", but they also rotated it 30 degrees.
My muscle above my knee and below is stuck to the bone. I've also had a Knee Surgeon refuse to fix my knee because of the shape of my femur. Got any suggestions??
I sure could use some help. I spent 10 months in this thing and is in worse shape now than before. Also it was taken off too soon and my leg drew up an inch when it bowed. What can I do here????


Charles Peel

Charles would like any advice and his e-mail is

Rear view of Charles and his frame Side view of Charles and his frame

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