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Welcome to the fourth page of the photogallery of Ilizarovs. My thanks go to all those people who have agreed to let me show the world how their limbs were clad in the frame that fixes and stretches!

Chas' leg & fixator Charlie Ambrose from Perth, Australia sporting his recently fitted ilizarov
Chas knows Jock Dunkley [as featured elsewhere on this site] through the same hospital.
Chas has had very similar injuries and treatment as Jock and his story plus yukky pictures can also be seen by going to Other peoples tales.

Pallav K Gupta, the man behind Dr. Subhash Shalya's web site (See Links page) has kindly sent me some photos of his leg.
You can read about him and what happened as well as seeing the full photos by going to Other peoples tales.

Pallav's fixator
Liz and her Ilizarov A Lady who I've been hearing from off and on for a while, dropped me a line to expalin that she'd lost the site address but had now found it again. Liz, from Norfolk in England, mailed me to let me know that she'd had to have a further surgery back in February this year which has left her with a hole in her leg which seems very similar to that which I had after my infection.
Anyway she's included a picture of herself and the ubiquitous frame which I now present for your delight in the gallery

Therese Bridges contacted me to tell me about her son Jonothan who was riding his pushbike when a car ran a stop sign and ran him down
She has kindly sent some pictures and Jonothan's story which you can read by going to the Other Peoples Tales page and selecting Jonothan's story.

A shot of Jon's fixator
A shot of Steve's forearm fixator Steve's a guy I met when I was last at King's college for a check up. He was just about to go into surgery that afternoon for correction to an incredible deformity of his wrist following a motorbike accident in 1997
It's hard to imagine but his wrist was displaced about 30 or 40mm down from where it should have been yet he could still move his fingers.
The picture shows him with the frame fitted and a newly lined up hand/arm. But as he says, typing with the thing on is a real feat!

Another shot of Steve and his forearm fixator. I asked Steve if he had a shot of his arm before the op and he realised that he'd never taken one. Ah well

A shot of Steve's forearm fixator
A photo of John Lucero's leg & frame This is a photo of John Lucero and his frame about 6 weeks post application. It was fitted to correct about 8 degrees of varus and 10 degrees of internal rotation that occured after a tib/fib fracture. John says
The leg was fractured when a lousy driver from North Carolina totaled me and my 1962 Vespa scooter (it was a beaut!).
John would like to welcome any contact from others considering the ilizarov. He has seen doctors in three states and four major cities, while consulting with doctors' offices in other states. The application was done by Dr. Kevin Louie in San Francisco, CA.

John can be e-mailed at

This picture shows Lucia Roncaglia's leg and the frame which she has been wearing since March 2000
Her story can be read from the Other Peoples Tales page.

Lucia Roncaglia's leg & frame
Paul Sander's & his frame Paul Sanders sent me the following

You don't know what a relief it is to see some of the stuff on your site. I was involved in a car accident (I was the PASSENGER in a black cab that was speeding) about 3 months ago, where I sustained a host of fractures and breaks, including a spiral-fracture.
I was admitted to trauma and was sent to theatre 48 hours later for my Ilizarov. The doctors then realised that I had developed compartment syndrome, and opened each side of the leg from the knee to the ankle to drain the swelling. I had two more operations over the next week to sew up the leg, resulting in over 70 stitches and a huge skin graft, and it wasn't until that had all settled that they put the frame on.

Paul admits it's ben a struggle for both him and his girlfriend but hopefully, by now, the frame's been removed and things are starting to revert to normal. Good Luck Paul

Leanne, otherwise known as slingshot, had the misfortune to be parked on her motorbike when another rider hit her. This led to a major injury which has now required the application of our old friend, the Ilizarov frame.
You can read her story with some other pictures from the Other Peoples Tales page

Leanne & her frame

Kevin & frame Kevin Coers, another motorcyclist had the misfortune to need a fixator on his leg after he was riding down the road and someone REVERSED into him.
I don't know how these blind drivers ever get a licence!

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