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Welcome to the third page of the photogallery of Ilizarovs. My thanks go to all those people who have agreed to let me show the world how their limbs were clad in the frame that fixes and stretches!

Lynne's first fixator
Lynne's first fixator.

Lynne had this beast first of all, prior to going into Ilizarov fixation
However Lynne did not have the luck that many have. She had problems both with antibiotics and pain killers, having bad reactions to them all
In the end, the constant pain became too much for her and she opted for the removal of the frame and to go into a long term plaster

If you go to Lynne's annex you can see how painful her pin sites must have been.

And here we have Janie Rich and her frame.
Another Lady from the U.S.of A. She's sent some good pictures so, Janie, too has her own little gallery annex
If you go to Janie's annex you can see some more pictures of before and during fixator wearing. And also what happens after a hurricane passes through!
Janie Rich's frame
Mike Donahue's frame And here we have Mike and his frame. This is a guy who has already had 3 (count them!) artificial hips. This he states is as a result of 'foolishness' in his younger years!!!
He's hoping to have the frame removed in the early part of 2000. So fingers crossed.....
[Go to Other People's tales to read Mike's Tale]
This is a picture of Bev from Texas and her frame. Her husband Bob mailed me from Houston with the picture. Apparently there are 22 pins and the frame is being used to relocate a really bad knee dislocation.
Bob also has offered some advice about the Ilizarov sponges that seem to be used a lot in the U.S. Check it out on the Living with Ilizarov hints and tips page.
Bev's Frame
Scot's Ilizarov Here we have Scot Lulek and frame. I first heard from Scot back in April 1999 when he wrote and told me about having the Ilizarov procedure in June 1991 following a major motorcycle accident in April of that year.
He wore his frame for around 2 years and the picture opposite is of him and his metalwork on the day it was removed.

Of special note, I think is that Scot grew FIVE INCHES [around 130mm]of new bone.
This should be of great interest to those who wonder just how much can be grown by the Ilizarov Method.
I do know that even more than this can be grown, having seen an amazing video of Professor Ilizarov and some of the surgical procedures he carried out at the Kurgan Institute.

And as if to reinforce the example above of how much can be regrown by the Ilizarov Method, giving us the thumbs up we have Laura Lazar.
She regrew SEVEN inches of tibia after having been hit by a car while on holiday in Hungary
You can read Laura's story by going to the Other Peoples stories and selecting her page from the list there.
Her e-mail address can be found there as well as her story. She invites people to contact her who are or have been in similar situations.
Laura gives the thumbs up!
Mike's metalwork And here we have another shot of Mike Donahue and his femoral frame [See up the page a bit]. His story is still on view at the Other People's tales pages. Go there to read Mike's Tale
Jock Dunkley's mechanics This is Jock Dunkley.Another mechanised biker. He has related his story and a selection of stomach churning pics can be downloaded.
So flip to the other peoples tales page and check it out.
Go to the Other Peoples tales.
This is Oscar, Anne Dean's Son. He had his first frames at SEVEN WEEKS of age.
As a sufferer of Larsen syndrome and he has had treatments all of his life. He is now a young boy who enjoys life.
Check out his Web site from the links page.
Anne, Oscar's mother has so far found around 30 other sufferers of Larsens and would like to hear from any other people in her or Oscar's situation Link to Oscar's page from Links page
Baby Oscar in his twin Ilizarovs
Robin Brewer, frame and all This is Robin Brewer from Australia with his frame, crutches and a bright sunny day.
Robin, like myself, elected to have the Ilizarov procedure to correct problems from a motor bike accident, in his case, some 20 years ago.
He's more than happy to talk to others in similar positions regarding choosing Ilizarov procedures. I've added his info on the Other Peoples Stories pages via Tales Index

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