The Ilizarov Picture Gallery Page 2

Welcome to the second page of the photogallery of Ilizarovs. My thanks go to all those people who have agreed to let me show the world how their limbs were clad in the frame that fixes and stretches!

Phil's frame
Welcome to Philip Morrin's construction.

He's sported this natty fashion accessory since November 1997. Originally it came with matching foot ring, but this was removed in October '98.
Philip has got some movement back in the ankle and the prognosis is good.
The original break occured in Northern Norway in 1996 and was repaired with a plate. However after the plate was removed, an infection set in. The bone wouldn't mend and neither would the wound. Enter Chertsey Hospital and Ilizarov.
Three inches of bone removed, frame fitted and away with the stretching.

Another shot of Philip

Because Phil's sent in some more pictures you can click Here to go to the Philip Morrin Picture Annex!

And here we have Miranda Evans and her femoral frame.
These still appear the worst to me so I think I'll stick with my tibial assembly thank you very much!
Miranda has given us the lowdown on how she acquired the frame.
To read Miranda's story then click HERE
Miranda's femoral frame
A shot of Weno and his frame This is Weno Caestecker from Belgium with his femoral attachment

Weno gives us the lowdown on how he acquired his metal work via his website.
To read his story and see more of his pictures, including some of the removal of his frame then visit his site, [written in Dutch and English] via the links page, by clicking HERE
A shot of Weno and his frame
Linda W's frame This is a shot of Lindy and her Ilizarov
She's had the pleasure (!) of wearing two of these things and has detailed it all on her web site.
To visit Lindy's site then go to our links page by clicking HERE
Here's a picture of Michael Phillips and his construction.
He's sent some great pictures and these, along with his ongoing story can be found on the
Other peoples stories page.
Give it the once over!
Michael Phillips plus frame!
Pierre Remillier plus frame! This shows Pierre Remillier and his Ilizarov
Pierre has set up an French language ilizarov web site which is very informative and well worth a visit
There is a link to it from the LINKS page.

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