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Welcome to the first page of the photogallery of Ilizarovs. My thanks go to all those people who have agreed to let me show the world how their limbs were clad in the frame that fixes and stretches!

Slim's leg (left side)

A shot of my right leg, just after my operation to fit the frame. Showing the lefthand side of my leg where the stitches are in plain view near the ankle.
This was also the place where the tibia came through the skin at the time of the accident. The plaster at the top is covering a corticotomy scar where one stitch had come free too soon. Surprisingly it's all healed so well that now the scars are hardly visible. It's a bit lumpy at the ankle but having left a fair bit of soft tissue on the road, it's not surprising really.

A view of my leg, this time taken from the right hand side. The lower ankle scar can be seen. This is where the bottom end of my fibula was removed. It was smashed beyond belief anyway. The original injury was described to me as looking as if a shotgun cartridge had exploded inside my leg. Nice!

Slim's leg (right side)

Jan's legs plus a frame!

This is a shot of Slammin' Jan Chase's frame work. Some how they still look horrible even on a feminine leg!
Check out her site from the LINKS page

Jerry Whitney (He of another Ilizarov home page. See the LINKS on this site). Some how everybody else's frame always looks a lot worse than your own.
Mind you not having the normal male problem of hairy legs (In the genes I think), I never had the trouble of pulling hairs around the pin sites. Looking at his picture, I'll bet that our Mr Whitney suffered!

Jerry's scaffolding

A series of pictures now all of Dale Bondie. He and I share two things in common. The Ilizarov frame and the same first name. Slim is just a nickname I've had for over 35 years. Dale's what I'm really called. Ah well, so now the secret's known world wide. Still check out these pictures.

This shows the importance of physio!. I'm willing to bet that those white things are rubber straps to keep Dale's ankle mobile and stop the toes from clawing over.Dale's frames and the good old elastic physio straps

Dale proving that frame or no frame he can still stand!

The picture to the left shows Dale standing using a pair of what look like the most uncomfortable crutches I've ever seen. I'll never moan about the British national health service againAnother view of Mr Bondie's battered and bruised lower leg
And above we have another shot of the battered appendage.

Not an Ilizarov, but another type of external fixator which always scares me s**tless!. Look at the size of those half pins!, you could tow a Mack truck using one of those!

Mr Donath sporting another type of fixator. The size of that thing!

Two legs in frames and still smiling

I don't know who this boy is.. Even with both of his legs in frames, one a full leg and one a femur frame he can still manage to smile. I'd love to know his story so if anyone out there can identify him and let me know, I'd be really greatful. My thanks to the person who donated this picture

At last I've managed to acquire a shot of an Ilizarov on somebody's arm. The lady's name is unknown but as the photo came from a Doctor in Istanbul, I expect it's fairly safe to expect she hails from there also.

An upper arm fixator

Another female in a femoral frame.  This time it's poor Cindy Clute.

Another visitor to the web site. Ms Cindy Clute displays her femoral frame for the world. Apparently this has now been removed and she now sports a monolateral fixator.
She has also passed on some words of advice to femur frame wearers [see the Living with Ilizarov page on this site]
The picture to the right is a shot Cindy sent me in August 1999 showing her other frame. Apparently, a perfectionist to the end, she wore nail varnish which matched the frame!. What can you say really?

Another shot of Cindy, this time in a monolateral

And a bit more fame for Cindy for a certain 1999 Award.

LCBO Employee of the Year:
Cindy Clute, the knowledgeable, cheerful, helpful, industrious and dedicated information officer with the LCBO Hotline. When Cindy was off last year following leg surgery, she arranged to have the Hotline number bounced to her home so she could continue answering calls. She has always gone out of her way to provide the kind of service and the little extras you often get from people who own their own businesses.

Fingernail and matching accesory!

And this just in (April 2000)
A photograph that clearly show's Cindy did match her nail varnish to her fixator
What can you say really

And yet another visitor to the web site. Mike Fish and his femoral frame. This has now been removed but was on to help a femur fractured in 9 places!. He had it on for 5 months and can now walk without a limp. Although running and jumping is yet to come. Mike describes it as '5 months of complete hell' but adds 'I guess it's better than traction!'

Mike Fish in his femoral frame.

A shot of Mark Northage and his frame

Our Australian correspondent Mark Northage has sent in some pictures of his leg & it's frame. If you want to read his story and see some more of his pictures than click HERE .

Our first picture from the Netherlands is Gerdien Folmer who is now in her second Ilizarov Frame. And what a frame it is!. One beauty of a construction!
Gerdien has now sent some more photographs and her story plus pictures is now on the 'Other people's tales' page.
To go there please click HERE.

A shot of Gerdien Folmer from Holland.

Spudder's leg in the monolateral jobby.

These photos are of Spudder, another biker who's joined the lower limb metalwork club!
Check out his site from the LINKS page

A picture of Spudder in his Ilizarov.

This is Gianpiero Parente's fixator frame. You can read his story in Italian (and some English) on his site from the LINKS page.

Gianpiero Parente's framework

PJ on his bike

A picture of a frame wearing young boy enjoying himself on his bike. From the Ollier/Maffucci disease self-help page. Check it out via the LINKS page.
(October '99)And what's more I now know he is called PJ. His mum, Bonnie e-mailed me with this new picture of PJ when he was 12. I've included her letter on the brief stories page.
Any one who wants further info about Ollier/Maffucci and MHE diseases is more than welcome to e-mail her at This address is repeated on the links page.

Another photo of PJ when he was 12.

A photgraph of a small child wearing a fixator. From the Children's Hospital BC, CA. Check it out via the LINKS page.

Young child in fixator

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