The Ilizarov Picture Gallery

Important note

All photographs on this site have been used with permission from a third party. Should anyone no longer wish their photos to be included here, or feel that they were used without their personal permission please mail me and I will remove them immediately. Since I have been threatened with legal action over the usage of pictures provided to me under fraudulent circumstances, I will now always be removing pictures even if permission is subsequently granted.

Welcome to the photogallery of Ilizarovs. My thanks go to all those people who have agreed to let me show the world how their limbs were clad in the frame that fixes and stretches!

As there is now a considerable number of frame photographs on show in the gallery, I have decided to split them into more than one page to allow easier browsing for the 'old visitors' who've already seen the earlier collections.

Gallery page One
The original gallery [with some updated pictures in Oct 99 and April '00]
Gallery page Two
The First gallery wing
Gallery page Three
The Second gallery wing (From Dec 99 until 14 Mar '00)
Gallery page Four
The Third gallery wing (From Apr '00) Updated 27th Sept 2000
Gallery page Five
The fourth gallery wing (From Feb '01) created 04 March 2001

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