A Netherlands Ilizarov story
As related via e-mail to me by
Gerdien Folmer
Hi Slim,

How's life?

Here everything's going great! My leg is straightened, and long enough by now, and i'm just waiting for the growing of the bones.
School has started again here, and untill now i've been able to go every day (in wheelchair, of course)
Next week I'm going to hospital again for some weeks, because my knee will be screwed free, an i'll have to start knee-bending by then.
I guess my knee has got rather stiff by not bending for 3 months!


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A new shot of Gerdien & her frame Another new shot of Gerdien & her frame

And here's a picture of Gerdien, her frame and her cat, sent to me at the beginning of January 2000

Gerdien showing how a frame allows a cat to rest comfortably!

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