A femoral tale as it continues to
Miranda Evans

Miranda has been a regular correspondent with yours truly and has recently sent me an e-mail (extract below)

Hello Slim,
I was so sorry to hear about your mother.
I hope everything goes well with your leg in Feb. let's hope they finally take the dreaded frame off once and for all (I have my fingers crossed for you).
I went to hospital today for x-rays and a checkup, I only go once every 6 weeks now it used to be every 4.
I was a bit disappointed the bone doesn't seem to have grown much since the last time I had an x-ray and my consultant seems to think that I have lost some of the bone density in the femur(bumma)
I have been taking loads and loads of calcium and other supplements just to try and make the bone grow faster.
I took some photos of my x-rays today there are a few good ones of the bone growing so I thought you might like to use them on your site, if you do let me know and I'll email them to you.


And so, never one to turn down more pictures for the site, like the Man from Del Monte, I said 'Yes'. So here they are.

X-ray taken at the start of the lengthening process

Start of lengthening process

Second series of x-rays.Notice the gap is now much bigger as distraction continues.

Notice increase in gap as stretching continues

3rd x-ray. Notice the appearance of growth when compared to the second x-ray [fuzzy area between bone ends].

The appearance of growth

The most recent x-ray. Note that growth is now clearly visible.

Growth is increasingly visible

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