A femoral tale as happened to
Miranda Evans

NOTE: Some names removed for legality reasons (I'm a coward and can't afford the court cases ayway - Slim)

Hi, Thank you so much for emailing me I have wanted to talk to someone with a frame for ages but my doctor said he didn't know of anyone.
So what kind of frame have you got, is it on the top of your leg or bottom? You wanted to know why I have a frame, I'll tell you all about it, it's a bit of a long story really so I hope you have got some time.

It began in Oct. 1996 I was in year 13 doing a Health and Social Care course my mum was suppose to be picking me up from school but my boyfriend rang her and said he would.
It was about 3:25 when he picked me up he was going to take me home to get ready for work(I was working part-time). We were travelling along the common heading for my house when we came to a bend in the road, as we went around the bend where was a car coming towards us on our side of the road he was overtaking someone, my boyfriend couldn't do anything about it the car hit us head on. The dash board crashed my knee(the actual joint not the knee cap).

I was taken to hospital and operated on. They used plates and screws to hold the bones together I was in plaster for months. In about March 1997 I had a manipulation operation to try and gain some movement in the knee.
The operation didn't work. A few months later I had all the metal work taken out of my leg, my leg was an inch 1/2 shorter than the other one and seriously bent I couldn't straighten it.
In Aug. that year the surgeon told me that there was nothing else that could be done for me I just had to learn to live with it. He did suggest that I could have my leg fused.
At this point I was feeling really F***** off, I was thinking there was only two options. I could stay as I was and have a really bad limp because my leg wouldn't straighten or I could have the leg fused so that would mean it would be like having a peg leg. I decided that I couldn't spend the rest of my life with any of these options I was only 18 years old.

I went privately to see a consultant called Mr Pemberton, he couldn't believe what my doctor had done to my leg.
He said that he would transfer me to his NHS practise and try to put my leg right. In April 1998 I had a knee reconstruction It went really well my knee actually started to look like a proper knee and my leg was straight the only problem was he had to make the leg shorter to do this.
The rest of 1998 I spent having metal work taken out and constant Physio.

On the 2nd of August this year (1999) I had the Circular Fixator attached to my right thigh to try and grow about 2 inches roughly of bone, I have got 13 pin sites altogether, they feel really sore I have got a slight infection in one of them which stings a lot.
After cleaning them this morning a bit of blood came out of one of them and it came out of the one that has looked the best all along I hope it's not a sign of infection.
Touch wood I haven't had much trouble with the fixator yet, I heard a lot about muscle spasms but I haven't had any myself have you? what are they like? I find it hard getting comfortable in bed I prop my self up with a load of pillows, my boyfriend always comes to bed later than me so that I can get sorted out before he comes to bed. Do you have any tips for sleeping or anything else? if you do PLEASE can you pass them I would be very grateful.

Thank you once again for emailing me, stay in touch and we can share our experiences I think it would help me so much to talk to someone in the same position as me, I mean don't get me wrong my family and friends have been great but they don't really know what it is really like for me.

Bye for now


A shot of Miranda's leg and the metalwork Miranda, frame & pin site cleaning

Thanks for the email.
Your foot looks so uncomfortable and painful, it must be really hard for u to walk on it, it's bad enough for me but at least I can put full weight on my foot.
Femur frames do seem to be easier to walk with than lower leg frames, the only problem I get is that the frame rubs against the other leg and bruises it(not too bad though).
I have attached two pictures of my leg for you to see. [ See above - Slim.] Since I wrote to you last my back has been really good it hasn't been aching that much(touch wood it won't come back).
I can't move about much because my leg feels too heavy and I just don't always have the energy to move about on crutches(that doesn't stop me mind) so I lay on the sofa and don't move for the night, and it does help me to sleep I must admit.

I have got 2cm's to go on lengthening my leg, I can't believe how much longer it is, it's fantastic(what an invention).

I have even started back at College only part-time though,I do find it hard work to get about while I am there but I have to do something(I will end up going mad if I don't)

I hope everything is going well and I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the frame comes off soon.
see ya!

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