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Updated December 2005

SerendipiteeJo's Blog

I make no apology to anyone for including this blog at the top of the list on this new page on the site. Jo was someone who I first met via e-mail after she found the website. Sadly I never got the chance to meet her 'in the flesh' so to speak. Fate was to ensure that never happened. She was a person of incredible fortitude. We spoke several times on the phone, sometimes early into the morning. I am proud to feel that she was able to express her fears to me. She felt that I had undergone so much. I was embarrassed she felt that way as I had never undergone one iota of the suffering which she'd endured. She passed away on February 1st 2005. She will be missed in so many ways for so many things. I'd like to thank her Mother for keeping the Blog active for future reader's inspiration.

Hemimelia Support Group

The Hemimelia Support Group. Hemimelia is a partial or total absence of a bone in either the lower leg or the forearm. It is a rare condition that is present at birth. It is also known as a congenital longitudinal deficiency of the fibula, tibia, radius or ulna. My thanks to Sue Boothroyd

To quote Alex's front page heading "A Glance at a girl. I am creative, stubborn, thoughtful, an illustrator, a teacher, a wife and a mom to a cat and dog. I am disabled livng with pseudarthrosis. Building connections through the community of the world wide web and sharing pains, hopes, dreams and tribulations through art and words "

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