My Ilizarov saga up to 2005/6

(Addition by PK on behalf of S Haines May 2008)

As this diary has expanded considerably in the telling, I have decided to make this page a sort of sub-contents page.
Just click on the brief heading and you'll be linked to that period of the story in the description.
Each page contains a forward link (Where applicable), a link to this page and a link to the main index

Story Index

How it all began.
The story from the accident (9/8/1997) through until November 1998.

The story continues
The story from November 1998 to May 1999

The drama unfolds!.
From May 1st to 22nd 1999, when it has all gone wrong.

From my Birthday 23 May 1999 until 9th June 1999
The joys of a hospital based 47th 21st Birthday

From 10th June 1999 until August 1999
A load of pain and then the wanderer returns home!!!

From 11th August 1999 until November 1999
And the story goes on & on......

From 9th November 1999 until January 2000
Yet more of the never ending (!) story......

From January 2000 until March 2000
A sad start to the New Year

From April 12th 2000 to May 23rd 2000

From May 24th 2000 to .........
And the recovery continues

The Year is now 2005 (Updated to May 2008 by PK on behalf of Slim)

What is the state of play you have been asking so, here we are........

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