Lori Stuckmeyer's Ilizarov Display.

In March of this year (2000) I received an e-mail from Anne Rutz, the clinical coordinator of the radiography program at Rolla Technical Center in Missouri.
She had attached a letter from one of her students who was going to present a display on the Ilizarov system at the Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists annual convention in May this year (2000).
Lori's letter was as follows

My name is Lori Stuckmeyer, and I am currently attending Rolla Technical Center in Missouri where I am studying Radiologic Technology.
First of all, I would like to thank you for all of the helpful information you sent to me for my power point presentation of the Ilizarov method. It turned out very well.
Next, I would like to ask you for some more information. I wanted to know if you had access to an actual fixation device or even a scale model that I could use for another presentation/display I have coming up in May.
I would only need it until the middle of May, and I would gladly return it. If you are not able to come up with anything, would you know of anyone that could? I would greatly appreciate a reply.

Thank you.

Unfortunately I do not have a frame, or even a model of one that I could send [If anyone does have one they don't want, I would LOVE one to use as a demo model myself not having one fitted to myself anymore!]. So I offered Lori a copy of the CD-ROM of the website, images, videos clips and other bits-and-pieces I've gathered together. There was a trade set up where I sent her the CD and got some pictures of her display in return.
And here they are. It was a fine display indeed and I thank Lori (and Anne) for getting the photographs to me and letting me use them on the site.

And of course the most important bit of information was that Lori's exhibit gained her 1st place in the local competition and 2nd place in the state competition. Congratulations!!

Lori's display picture one.

Lori's display picture two.

Lori's display picture three.

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