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Other Ilizarov sites and links on the Web.

Updated January 19th 2006

Sadly a lot of the original links have turned out to be no longer active. If anyone who was here notices their site link has gone, then please mail me the correct one and I will reinstate it.

Similarly, if you have a link which you think should be on here please mail it to me at enquiries(@) (Cut and paste this link and change (@) to @ - antispam non-clickable)


Personal Fixator Experiences, Contact e-mail and general associated health links

Ilizarovs and fixators YAHOO group.
Discussion and interchange online group (run by yours truly!)

Ilizarovs and fixators MSN group
Another discussion and interchange online group (run by yours truly too!)

Parents of fixator Kids E-group.
Discussion and interchange e-mail group specifically for parents of children with fixators

Pierre Filion's Ilizarov Web site
An excellent new site by Pierre Filion. A personal experience site aimed at the French speaking peoples of the world.

Jan Chase's page.
Jan Chase's home page, another frame wearer.

Frank Kalivoda's Page
Frank, a suffer from Pagets disease and awaiting an Ilizarov, tells his story.
Weno Caestecker's Page
Weno from Belgium relates his story [Page in Dutch & English]

Ollier/Maffucci & MHE info e-mail
E-mail Bonnie for info on Ollier/Maffucci & MHE help group AAMED (US based)
Ollier/Maffucci & MHE website
 The American Association of Multiple Enchondroma Diseases Ollier/Maffucci & MHE information site (US based)
Oscar's Home Page
Oscar & Anne Dean's Home page. Of interest to Larsen Syndrome sufferers (Norway Based).
Association of Cancer Online Resources
Exactly what it says it is
Yahoo enchondroma support
Just like it says. The Yahoo enchondroma support group

Medical Ilizarov Pages

Please note that some of these pages are specifically aimed at doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals.

The Kurgan Institute's site. The very home of the Ilizarov Technique. A MUST to visit!
Bone healing & smoking!
You thinks smoking don't matter? visit this site and be afraid, be very afraid!
University of Maryland Medicine.
Limb lengthening and reconstruction specialisation hospital.
The Ilizarov technique.
The English language Istanbul Orthopaedic clinic site.

Globalmednet Distraction Osteogenesis.
Distraction Osteogenesis Interactive Study Club [Site aimed at Medical professionals] .
Minnesota Limb Lengthening center
The Minnesota Limb Lengthening center
Ollier/Maffucci Self Help group (
The Ollier/Maffucci disease self help group page.
Children's Hospital, BC, CA.
The Children's Hospital site BC,CA.
Queens University of Belfast
The School of medicine, trauma & orthopaedic surgery.

University Hospital, Birmingham
Birmingham Children's Hospital Cranio-Facial Unit
OrthoProd News
The title says it all Orthopaedic Products News
Orthopaedic Innovation
Web site of the Orthopaedic Innovations company.
British Orthopaedic Association
Web site of the British Orthopaedic Association.
OrthoGate - a web link site to many other orthopaedic on-line resources.
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery
Just what it says it is!
The National Assoc. for Children with lower limb abnormalities.
Association for the Study and Application of the Method of Ilizarov (Phew!).

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Leg Perfect: Virtual Ilizarov Properative planning Center

Dr S.P.Chakrabarty
The website of surgeon Dr S.P.Chakrabarty.
The Centre for Ilizarov techniques.
Just what it says it is.
The Ilizarov Jordan Website.
Doctors Castro and Goloubev Bi-lingual website.

Sites of helpful information for Bikers

The National Association of Bikers with Disabilities
The N.A.B.D. is a UK based Assoc. aimed at getting bikers back in the saddle and back on the street.
Exactly what it says on the box!

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Believe me there's more information out there than you can shake a stick at.
And it's not all to do with fixator frames either. Apparently asteroid number 3750 is also named Ilizarov!

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