A frame tale from Down Under
Leanne [Slingshot]

Leanne on her bike
Leanne contacted me back in July 2000 and has kept me informed as things progressed. Here I present her story to date.

8 July 2000

Hello Slim. I have just been reading other ppl's stories and came across a lady named Leanne. She mentions that she went to a hospital in Melbourne. I assume this is Melbourne Australia. I live in Melbourne Australia and also named Leanne and I am 46 yo.
I am having a frame fitted July 17th. for a non union tibea crushed in an accident 8 months ago.
After reading other stories and seeing the kids in their frames I feel much braver about the whole thing. In fact in a way I am looking forward to it as it is the means to the end, although the road may be a bit rocky.
I found the support group by chance and found it to be very helpful. Thank you for the effort you put in for us all.
Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you've been up to.

Hi Slim. Just read your article on the Impulse Boot. I was introduced to one of those boots after my accident resulting in broken right tib and fib.
I had compartment syndrome and they used the boot to make sure my foot didn't drop off. I also ride a bike..errr...used to, and some male friends came to visit me in the hospital.7 of em roared up on their bikes and created havoc..gave all the oldies in the hospital something to talk about for weeks..
Anyway they liked the puffer boot as they called it.. but had many other uses for it though, most of which I can't mention! They especially like the way you could adjust the impulse to suit the application.
Sorry Slim, I guess you had to be there.. was funny at the time. Here I am laid up in bed, female surrounded by leather clad old farts who refuse to grow up and they are trying to outdo each other on uses for the boot. They certainly brightened up my day.
They had ridden for 5 hours to come and see me and after raiding the hospital kitchen [not far from my room] they all took off. Since there was 3 Harleys and a Ducati amongst them we could hear them roaring out of town and for quite some time. :-)
Well last day of work tomorrow. I am going to have a ride on my bike this weekend, the last one before I get my frame.
I have been walking about unaided with a busted leg and a pin about to collapse with metal fatigue for 2 months now but I managed to go on a few short rides, as long as I had a 'parking attendant'
Hope is all well with you.

I must admit that I can relate to the description of 'Leatherclad old farts who refuse to grow up'. It sounds like a perfect description of me (Slim)

Hiya Slim. You may not remember me but I am the 'other' Leanne (Slingshot) from Downunder. I emailed you just before I had my frame fitted.
I have had it on for almost 4 weeks now. So far I haven't had any problems except for banging into chair legs etc, forgetting that my leg is slightly wider than it used to be.
My first xrays since hospital will be done next week so I am hoping that they show something is happening. My only problems are sleeping and clothes.
It is winter here at the moment and sometimes the wires get so cold I can feel it in my bones.
We had a club dinner dance and I decided to go as so many ppl have been phoning and asking how my leg is I thought I should go so they can see for themselves.
What a sight to see tough bikie men go green and shudder all over when they realise the wires are going right thru my leg. The usual is, "That's not...?" "Yes," I say, "right through the bone"
But most are impressed by the engineering ie design and fitting of it, many commenting that they never had a meccano set like that!!! Its when they have the closer look they realise the wires go right thru.

I actually hate going to club things as I seem to be the centre of attention all the time.
You see I was on a club ride when I had the accident and it was another member who ran into me whilst I was parked on the side of the road.
There was three us parked, me being the middle one. A guy further back was riding along and away with the fairies I think, and when he came back to earth put his brakes on for some reason and lost the plot.
People have told me he high sided but in the process of coming down he hit me in the right leg on his way past. Fortunately I was still sitting astride my bike which was on its side stand.
If I had been off my bike and standing next to it, he would of collected me outright or my bike would of fallen on me and squashed me, depending which side I was on.
It seems his forward gear lever (big Honda cruiser) has scraped up my bike along the muffler and continued on, taking my leg on its way.
It lifted me right off my bike and landed me on the road, and my bike toppled over to the left into a drain. He ended up with a very badly broken left leg and me with a broken right leg.

This all happened about 6 hours drive from my home and I spent 10 lonely days in hospital there before returning home. That was in October 99 and I still have a broken leg.
I am hoping that the frame is the beginning of the end of it. I have had to put off another holiday in November as I don't think I will be ready to go on a 10 day bike ride. I am now setting my sites on Christmas and being back on the bike.
Do you think you will ride again? I have a friend who rides with a wooden leg and another one who has one leg much shorter than the other (he wore a frame for 2 yrs) and they both ride.
I have attached a pic taken in hospital on my 2nd day (hence the pasty face colour) still flying on morphine. I have also attached a pic of me and my bike. Its a GSXF 750 aka Slingshot :-)

Hope all is going well for you and you have had that nasty ingrown toe nail fixed.(yes, I did it myself!) Bye for now
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