A cycle accident leads to fixation
Jonothan Bridges

Jonothan Bridges, whilst riding his bicycle, was hit by a car driving jumping a stop sign. His mother, Therese supplied his story and the following pictures for which I thank her and, of course, offer both Jonothan and herself, all the best for his full and rapid recovery.

On Good Friday, my 13 year old son was riding his bicycle when a car ran a stop sign, hit him and dragged him and the bicycle underneath the car for about 20 feet.
He was wearing his helmet (which saved him from having head trauma). The only road rash he received was a little on his left cheek, left elbow and left knee. He was so lucky.
Needless to say, the bicycle didn't survive. I personally haven't seen it. It is still at policy headquarters. Don't know when they are going to give it up.
My son received a left broken femur and tibia and a right broken femur. The left leg received major trauma. His vessel in his upper left thigh had to be replaced. They took a vein from his lower right ankle area. Due to the trauma of his left leg, they inserted four rods into his femur and four into his tibia.
During surgery they had to perform a fasciotomy to relieve the compartment syndrome on both sides of his left lower leg (about twelve inches each). They placed two rods and an internal pin in his right femur.
It's been almost five weeks since he got run over. We went to the hospital yesterday for our second round of x-rays and the right femur has started calcifying. So his right leg is on its way to recovery, however, the left leg has not.
The fasciotomy has completely healed on the inner calf. The outer calf is still in the process. His spirit is high. We are keeping him busy. The pin sites look great.
I am very thankful for your website. I didn't even know that external fixators existed. It's amazing what technology can do. I have attached pictures.
I will keep you updated.

Jonothan's left tibia Jonothan's right femur
Jonothan's tibia under wraps Jonothan's left tibia when bandaged
Jonothan's thigh where the vascular surgery was perfomed Jonothan's Left tibia external fixators and fasciotomy on inner calf area.

Some more of Jonothan's story & pictures.

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