An Olliers suffer from the UK
Joe Pearce

Joe's Mum, Lisa Pearce originally contacted me about her son and also asked why I didn't have anything from Great Ormond Street on the web site. Of course there are Mel and Steph who were treated there but I can take as much as people want to send me!. So whilst Lisa was suffering from a bad cold, Joe's sister Kelly took to the keyboard and sent me Joes story along with some pics.

Dear Dale,

On behalf of my mum (of who is ill in bed with a grotty cold) Im going to send you Joes story of having an illizarov frame, before I do that I think I should tell you that im joes sister!.
On the 8th September 1992 joe was born in Queen Marys Hospital in Sidcup,Kent. It was about 10 months on that my mum and dad had noticed a slight bow in his left arm. He had his health checks which was then when my mum enquired about his arm and that was when he was transferred to a consultant at Queen Marys Hospital.
Joes x-rays went from hospital to hospital until he was two which was then when a doctor diagnosed joe with olliers disease.
When joe turned three he was referred to GOSH when he started having to have a raise built on his shoe. The raise started at little amounts which ended up at 2 inches at the age of seven.
On the 6th January 2000 joe was then took into GOSH for his frame to be applied. The frame is from just below his hip right down to his toes, all in all joe has 23 pin sites, two lots of lengthening and a correction of the ankle.
The two lots of lengthening are both the top and bottom of his left leg. All together joe has had his leg stretched 13cm and the frame is soon to be ready to come off.
After he has fully recovered from the leg frame we will then be expecting news about the frame on his arm. Then when he is about 14 they are then going to damage the growth plates in his right leg (good leg) and have the same process as he has now. By damaging the growth plates the leg will continue to grow but not just as fast.
At the beginning of the operation joe became very miserable and demanding young boy (aint no wonder!!!) but now that the frame is ready to come off joe is very mobile and happy again most of all he is dreading plaster cast and wishes to keep the frame!(weird child).
If there is anything else you need to know about joe we are more than happy to help!!!

From Kelly

Joe in his frame Another shot of Joe and his frame

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