Another tale of the Tib & Fib from Australia
Jock Dunkley

G'day Slim,

A smiling framed Jock Dunkley from Oz I am also one of the chosen few, I've been wearing my cage for just short of two years.
I want to give you and any associates a huge congrats on the web site, I just found it tonight but wish I had been aware of it from the beginning of my ordeal. I'll give you the short version;

Was riding a road/trail bike from the beach to my house in Geraldton, Western Australia. I had about 100 metres to go when a 4x4 turned in front of me and mowed me down.
I was lucky to avoid any serious injury other than to my left tib and fib. I also had huge soft tissue damage and severed arteries. Fortunately, fire officers were nearby and stabilized me. (Had lost over 50% blood)
I was transported by Royal Flying Doctors Service to the state capital Perth. I had about 1.5 kg of abdominal muscle grafted into my leg and about 12cm of tibia removed.
I was super fit and healthy at the time and had excellent doctors and nurses which promoted a speedy recovery.
Met some amazing people and heard some amazing stories whilst in hospital, without the combined spirit of several patients and nurses it would have been hell. (I'm still mates with a lot of them)

I was in hospital for the best part of 3 months and had a dozen operations. Things were going well, considering.
After 14 months, distraction was complete and I had the birdcage removed (12 wires and 4 half bolts) It was supposed to be 18 months so I, along with my surgeon were very happy.(-although I did lose substantial tv/radio reception.)
I had a PTB cast for a month and then 20 glorious days with no accessories, I was a happy lad. I was riding my push bike dayly, swimming and clocking up plenty of hours with physio.
It was while doing hydrotherapy one day at the pool, I was walking backwards as I had done a thousand times before, SNAP!, my leg went again, the distraction site was fine, it was the initial fracture site, one of the bone grafts had de-grafted.
So I limped on back to the hospital to see all my mates again and had another frame fitted. That was six months ago.

I'm due to get this one off in two weeks which is why I am a little pissed off that I didn't find your site earlier.
Rest assured Slim, I will be posting the address up in the orthopedic clinic at Royal Perth Hospital so all of my steel encumbered mates down there can appreciate it.

I've got a heap of graphic photos if your keen, lots of blood and broken bone and ligaments etc. Let me know if you want them,

All the best to you Slim, Jock Dunkley

ps: Jocks tip#1 tape a stubbie holder (beer cooler) to your crutch. It's great for throwing things like keys into while your walking about.-or even your beer!

Well I'm looking forward (sort of) to getting the rest of Jock's Pics. Until then I suggest his idea for a multipurpose beer cooler is excellent. It sort of prompted me thinking about the more 'silly' ideas you could use the frame for.
I'm going to try to get some odd-shots of such ideas up on the net soon.
Any from you out there will be greatfully received.      Slim.

And already there's some more from Jock. His e-mail made somewhat 'disturbing' reading.

G'day Slim,

Here are some pics, mainly of when I was in hospital. The ugly looking pink chunky meat that features in a few pics is my abdominal muscle that they trasfered to my leg.
The room smelled like a bloody butcher shop for two weeks.
Let me know if they don't get through as I've not used zip files before and am only guessing what will happen.

I'm going in tomorrow [4 feb '00] to have the frame removed, I've elected to have it done without anesthetic so I'll film the procedure and if I'm smart enough, will email the movie to you if your interested.

All the best, Jocko

Now the shot below is one of the more 'subdued' of Jock's pictures. He titled this 'Pethedine' and from the look on his face, I can guess why.

Pethedine works it's miraculous hold on Jock!

His other pictures are excellent as they show just how far he has obviously come from the start of everything.


I duly warn anyone who wants to look at them that Jock's description of "ugly looking, pink chunky meat" is somewhat of an understatement.

As they are somewhat graphic, rather than show them verbatim, I've included them as a downloadable .ZIP file.
You will need access to WinZip to un-zip and view the files.

If you don't already have this, it can be downloaded for free from the Winzip site. To go there now simply click on WINZIP. Don't forget to come back here to download Jock's Pics though! .

To down load the files click on Jock's Pics [173k file size]

I repeat my warning that these pictures are very powerful and a strong stomach is definitely needed. [I've shrunk them in size to make for a quicker download, but take it from me, in their original, fullsize, glorious, living colour, they made me catch my breath!]

Makes you wonder what the video will be like. Mind you I have every intent of videoing my frame coming off as long as I remember to charge the batteries for the camcorder before hand!

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