The Ilizarov Picture Gallery Page 3 [Janie's Annex]

Janie Rich has sent a few photographs of her leg, her frame, and the aftermath of a hurricane passing RATHER close!

The lump on Janie's left leg shows where the bone healed outward in the wrong direction instead of healing together.

Janie's leg prior to the fitting of the frame

Janie's leg sporting the natty Ilizarov fashion accessory.

Janie's Ilizarov

Who says you can't relax by the pool in a fixator?

Janie's frame and a restful poolside!

The day that Hurricane Irene got a bit too close and caused the canal to overflow. That's not it in the picture, that's Janie's front yard!

Janie & frame surveying the aftermath of a hurricane!

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