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Now carrying a link to the KCH Limb reconstruction Trust!

It has been brought to our notice that a certain company is selling extracts from this site for profit.
Please be aware that NO such permission has been given for this activity.
Permission to include extracts commercially was only granted to one magazine within the medical profession nearly 10 years ago. It seems that their publisher sold out to another company who are now offering a pdf download for a charge. This was never agreed with the new company who have just taken this action on their own.

Everything on the website is in the public domain and can be freely copied and utilised as long as it is NOT for profit.

Please note that the old notice board pages are now for browsing only .
Any questions originally intended for the notice board should now be submitted to the YAHOO or MSN groups which I have set up.
These are open access groups but yahoo is age restricted to over 18 . The addresses are to be found on the links page

The aim of this site is to help answer any questions concerning the Ilizarov fixator and is directed toward;

Although primarily dealing with the Ilizarov Fixator (Through personal experience) the monolateral and other external fixators are also covered. The techniques that apply to living with the Ilizarov frame readily adapt to living with most external fixator systems.

Please note This site carries no information pertinent to the procedure of leg lengthening as a non-medical procedure. I will not enter into discussions relating to cosmetic height increase nor to cost, surgeons or anything else. Please do not email me demanding (as has been done) that I give such information. Any such emails will either be ignored or given a very curt reply.

Some photographs and images on this site, relating as they do to surgical proceedures may be distressing to certain people. If you are of a squeamish disposition then you browse this site at your own risk.


I would like to thank, here and now, Mr Graeme Groom Orthopaedic Consultant, Sister Phil Steen Orthopaedic Special Nurse, Dr Mike Edmunds Diabetic Consultant, Physiotherapist Nicky Smith and all the staff of King's College Hospital (particularly Twining Ward), London, for all the time, effort and nursing that have been and continue to be lavished on my right leg.
Also thanks go to Dr Matt Dawson previously of Bromley Hospital for referring me to King's College Hospital regarding specialist treatment and Dr Albert Gramsma, my then GP for his long and deep interest and care towards my condition.
I would also like to thank Alan Graham of Smith and Nephew Surgical Limited, Mel Sims specialist Nurse at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield and all other sources for the information most kindly provided for this project. And last but by no means least, all the other frame wearers out there who've visited the site and have forwarded their own stories and pictures both here and on the Yahoo and MSN groups.My thanks to you all! - Slim Haines

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