As all frame wearer's know getting clothing over the metalwork is a job in itself. I had a few ideas which are elsewhere on the site. Here now are some further ideas and designs submitted by other Ilizarov wearers. My thanks for their efforts.

Firstly I had an e-mail from Laura Corley

My name is Laura Corley. I live in Cleveland, GA, USA, about 80 miles north of Atlanta.
I had an Ilizarov from 3/28/00 - 8/22/00 from my knee to my ankle.
My doctor told me about a cover that might be used called a Gaiter. These are used by skiers to cover the top part of your boots so snow won't get into your boots while sking. Well my mom looked at these and they were way too narrow to work with the Ilizarov. So we came up with a cover that ties at the top and the bottom and velcros down the side.
You can tear the inseam out of your pants and then hem the rough edges and wear the cover as well. Most people don't even notice your frame and they think you just have a cast on. It is great as a confidence booster and makes you feel comfortable out in public. You don't have to stay cooped up inside just because you are wearing a frame.
We made the covers in tan, blue jean and black. I just used whichever one matched what I was wearing for the day. I also discovered that it was better to sleep with the cover on too. That way I didn't tear my sheets like I hear alot of people have done. So you can sleep under the covers (if you can stand anything touching your foot!) and stay warm.
We are selling these covers for $20 each and you can order them in tan, blue jean or black or send us any fabric you like and we can use that. We custom make them for each person from the length and circumference of their frame.
I will attach a picture of the covers so you can see how great they are. We can be reached via e-mail at or
I would like to get involved in your chat group and would be happy to offer any insight to those newly in a frame or thinking of having one. One thing I know for sure is that the Ilizarov frame will correct your bone deformity and restore you to the quality of life that you once had!
My doctor was Dr. George Cierny, III in Atlanta, GA and he is great! I look forward to hearing from you.

Laura :-)

Laura & frame

Laura + frame + cover!

Laura & frame again

Laura + frame + cover once more!

And Laura's not the only one getting jiggy with the scissors, so to speak. Jan Jones got smart with the pinking shears. Her husband Eric dropped me a line.

Dear Slim

Having just read your web site, thought I would send you a photo of my wife's ilizarov frame which she had fitted at the Bristol royal infirmary on October 23rd 2000.
We are both not very good with the computer yet, and my wife is as yet computer shy, but I am sure she will come round .
We both found your web site very interesting and informative. It's nice to know there are other people out there in the same situation who have been put to right by this unique method.
Her right leg has now been fixed ( I hope ) after she was involved in an accident when she was only six year's old. The ankle has been reset and re-fused, the big toe realigned and the leg is being lengthened by 2 inches so she has quite a bit of metalwork to carry around which she always does with a cheerful smile on her face, even when it is giving her jip.
As she is a seamstress she has made a lot of cover's or bag's for her frame which serves a few purposes, one to keep her leg warm and dry, also to keep it hidden from sight ( a lot of people are horrified at the sight of it or so we have found. ) and she ( Jan ) likes to decorate them for different occasions. So it might give some of your reader's some idea's, or if they want to they can email at JAN & ERIC .
Hoping you find this of interest all the best,

Eric and Jan Jones.

The photos below show Jan, her frme and her dexterity with the sewing needle.

Jan & her frame

Jan's leg & frame

Jan & her frame

Jan's leg & frame & very LOUD cover

Jan, her frame and a festive cover

Jan's leg & frame and 'utility' cover

And there was a company manufacturing clothing especially for frame wearers. Their name was, aptly enough, WRECKWEAR. and they manufactured 'Stylish, easy-fit Rehab clothing'.

However at this time (mid 2005) they no longer seem to be in business. I would appreciate it if anyone out there knows if they are still trading and, if so, where they can be contacted

They had an excellent catalogue and their prices were very good.
Their range even extended to clothing for people wearing Halo braces (odontoid peg injuries and similar neck trauma).
The following are a few photo's from their original catalogue.

Ilizarov joggers

Halo clothing

Halo clothing

Gail Hirsch has also been busy with her scissors.
She sent me the following e-mail a while back.

Dear Slim

I have attached to this e-mail a word document with instructions on how to make a pair of Thai trousers which one ties round one's waist, rather than pulling them up over one's legs.
Thought you might be interested in publishing it on the clothes section of the site.
I wear them - having made them, and copied them from an original pair, and find them comfortable and easy to get in and out of!
Wishing you all the best

Ps, do you like the way the e-group is taking off?!

And to answer the last bit first. I'm well chuffed about the Yahoo group's take off (Although it was more reliable when it was still E-groups but that's just me bitching) And yes I am decidedly interested in publishing your designs on the site. In fact it's reproduced below as part of the web page or it can be down loaded from the Download page as the original MSWord file. If you are going to down load from there please take note of the instructions as it seems to try to display (badly!) directly in Internet Explorer, rather than be a downloadable file.

THAI TROUSERS - How to make them

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