and free, as well!

On this page there are downloads available of some useful information for wearers of Ilizarov and other fixators.

Firstly there is the excellent 'Living with your fixator'. This is produced by the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, in the UK. It covers all facets of living with fixator and I extend my warmest thanks for the medical team at the hospital for giving me permission to reproduce this booklet on the site.

Secondly there is a basic Ilizarov physiotherapy and exercise document from King's College Hospital, London. This is aimed at wearers of tibial fixators.

Most files are in ZIPPED format After they have downloaded, you will require WINZIP to uncompress them.

Files that uncompress into PDF files will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.
Files that uncompress into .JPG files will require any photo display program to view them.
Files that uncompress into .DOC files will require Microsoft Word 97 (minimum) to read them.

Winzip can be down loaded from the Winzip web site by clicking on WINZIP and the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be down loaded from Adobe's web site by clicking on ACROBAT

To download LIVING WITH YOUR FIXATOR (zip file 1.15M bytes) click

To download KING'S PHYSIO (zip file 176K bytes) click

To download JOCK DUNKLEY'S LEG SHOTS [JPG files] (zip file 173K bytes) click Jock's Pics
It should be noted that these are VERY GRAPHIC pictures of a serious lower leg injury and it's subsequent treatment. Read Jock's story via the Other People's Stories link from the contents page.

To download the OLLIERS-MAFFUCCI-MHE NEWSLETTER [.DOC FILE] (zip file 363 Kbytes)
click Olliers Newsletter.

To download the OLLIERS-MAFFUCCI-MHE info flyer [.EXE FILE] (zip file 200 Kbytes)
click Olliers Information flyer.

To download the animated .GIF file of my frame removal [.gif file 951 Kbytes]
click Frame removal photograph album.
NOTE: Once dowloaded, this file must be viewed in Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or similar software that can display animated .GIF files
Alternatively right click the link and choose "Save as" to save an off-line copy

To down load some sewing patterns for making Thai trousers, suitable for wearing over leg frames [MS Word file 32.6k]
right click ThaiTrousers.doc and select 'Save target As..' option. This stops the file trying to open in Internet Explorer directly and being unreadable [Thank you Mr Gates!!!]
[Thanks to Gail Hirsch]

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