Ilizarov frame drawing

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Ilizarov Biography.
A brief biography of Professor Ilizarov.
Living with Ilizarov. U/d 12/2005
A collection of hints & tips for Ilizarov wearers.
It's all words.
A brief dictionary of medical terms.
My Ilizarov.and me U/d 5/2008 (On behalf of SH)
My own experiences of living with an Ilizarov.
KCH Limb Reconstruction Trust New Jun 2007
The Kings College Hospital limb reconstruction trust.
This is a charity organisation set up to help fixator wearers and medical staff further their knowledge of living with limb reconstruction.
Other Fixator sites & useful e-mail links U/d jan 19th 2006
Personal Ilizarov stories, links and medical sites on the Web.
More sites of interest U/d Jan 19th 2006
Blogs, Websites etc. Some fixator based, other's on medical matters using fixation
You'll not believe this but...
Two animated Gifs that you wont believe!
Ilizarov rogues gallery!
Cast your eyes over a collection of scaffolding.
Now three galleries plus annexes.
The NEW rogues gallery! U/d Jan 11th 2006
Yet more scaffolding and assorted metal and carbon fibre body modifications
Other peoples stories.
Other people's tales of Ilizarovs.
More other peoples stories Added Jan 15th 2006
Some more other people's stories
Melanie & Stephanie
Identical twins, Ilizarovs & Leri Weill sufferers
Parent, Childrens & Teenagers contact page.. U/d Jan 19th 2006
Contacts for parents & family of younger fixator wearers
A selection of my own pictures
Some photo's of my x-rays and wound following my hospitalisation in May '99 plus various other shots.
Lori Stuckmeyer's Ilizarov Display.
Lori's display for the Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists convention in May 2000.
AV Impulse therapy. U/d 12/2005
A personal experience of a method to reduce swelling and hopefully speed up healing.

My modified footwear and clothing.
Suggestions for comfortable footwear and clothing whether or not you've got a foot ring fitted
Further clothing for frame-wearers..
Other peoples designs and ideas for frame-wearers clothing and commercial suppliers
A 'Thank you' page. U/d 12/2005
A page of links to those companies, medical professionals and charities who've kindly helped me on this site.
A collection of ephemera!
A selection of other fixation and bone growth 'stuff' I've found.
Two great picture of dogs as well now!
An Ilizarov animation
Exactly what it says (231k - long download at 28k!)
The Stress of fixation.
Mine and other's experiences of stress brought about by long term orthopaedic trauma and fixation. [This page will change on an 'as and when' basis as thoughts & e-mails come to me]
Briefs (stories, that is!)
Some of the shorter recaps of people's experiences, received by e-mail.
Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
The importance of exercise, and some suggestions.
A Spring driven Doo-Dah & Wedgie!
A personal spring driven exercise doo-dah & wedge bit!
Spring driven Doo-Dah Mark2
The new frameless spring driven exercise doo-dah. Now with it's medical name given by others, not by me!!
Download some info! .
Downloads of useful information for fixator wearers.
Article Downloads
Various downloadable articles on Ilizarovs, fixators and their wearers
The fixator notice board
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