Something wearable over a frame in the way of trousers

One of the problems with sporting an Ilizarov frame is that clothing becomes a bit (!) of a problem. This page is to give a few ideas as regards to modifying clothing so as to;

So far these are only my ideas that I have utilised for a tibial fixator but I expect that, with a bit of adaption they could be equally useful for femur or arm frames as the principles are simple enough.
In my case, having a foot plate on my frame made matters a bit more tricky which is why two different modification bases were utilised. This allowed modifications to be made both to tracksuit bottoms and denims. The two different methods are required because of the difference in stretchability between the respective material involved.

Fig 1.
Drawing of a pair of trousers.It's hardly Piccasso but there you are! For modifying a pair of tracksuit bottoms, you will need some extra material, preferably of the same type/colour as the original.
This will need to be large enough to let you cut a triangle from it that has sides of length XY as shown on the main drawing. This length should be almost that of the entire inside leg seam plus maybe 1 or 2 inches. The bottom of the triangle will need to be about 18 inches.
I suggest modifying the inside leg seam purely because that's how I decided to do it, but it really is a matter of personal choice (and possibly how different the colour of the material is to the actual trousers!).
The inside leg seam of the trousers should now be carefully opened/unpicked until about 3 to 4 inches from the crotch. (This may need to be closer, particularly in the case of denims which are normally narrower leg widths anyway. This means more room is required to get the frame down the leg).This should give you a trouser leg as shown in the Fig 2 (below right)
Fig 2
The triangle that you have cut should now be pinned/tacked into the area shown as X.Y.Y1 in Fig 2 opposite. At this point it's probably worth a fitting. If all's OK then sew up the seams XY and XY1, preferably by sewing machine to ensure that the stitches are secure. This increase in lower leg width will allow easy dressing and undressing over a foot plated, tibial frame.
If you want to modify a pair of denims, the same method is utilised only I suggest opening both inside leg and outside leg seams (AB & XY in Fig 1 above) and fitting triangular inserts in both. This ensures that there will be enough room to fit the frame through. Obviously this requires more material than a single insert and I would also suggest the use of a long (24 inches at least. Lengths XY & AB above) zipper in one inside seam, zipping open by upwards movement. This will make getting the trousers on and off even easier since denim is nowhere as stretchy as tracksuit material.
Don't think the outcome will be haut couture because it wont. But it will fill the function perfectly.
Still not Piccasso, Sorry!

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