and still free, as well!

On this page we have some articles and letters which have been published in the more popular press, concerning fixator frame wearers. The files are in ZIPPED format and, when unzipped become either self running .EXE files in a propriatory PaperPort Format or into PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. After they have downloaded, you will need WINZIP to decompress the files and, if this results in a PDF file, you will then need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these.

If you do not already have these utilities installed on your computer then Winzip can be down loaded from the Winzip web site by clicking on WINZIP and the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be down loaded from Adobe's web site by clicking on ACROBAT

The .EXE files are created using Paperport Deluxe (At least something worked!) and, when run include a file reader with the ability to browse and print the files concerned.

All these files have been checked for security.

To download MAGNEWS.EXE (zip file 544K bytes) click MAGNEWS
An article by Slim Haines in the Motorcycle Action Group magazine. Feb/Mar 1999
To download IDIAGE.EXE (zip file 1.018M bytes) click IDIAGE
An article by Slim Haines in the Institute of Diagnostic Engineers Journal. May/June 1999
To download METWORK.EXE (zip file 791K bytes) click METWORK
An article by Slim Haines in the London Metropolitan Police staff magazine METWORK. Winter 1999
To Download WOMAN2.EXE (zip file 731K bytes) click TWINS
An article concerning Melanie and Stephanie Smith from UK magazine Woman's Own. Mar 13 2000

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