Even more people and their fixators

Yet more stories and inclusions that I have either blagged from people or they have submitted themselves. However I got them, then many thanks


The first entrant on this new page (new for 2006) is Martin Harbour. He wrote :

Hi Slim,

My name is Martin Harbour and I am a new recruit to the Ilizarov wearer community following a gliding accident in November.
I was patched up at the Northern General in Sheffield and had an Ilizarov fitted by Mike Dennison.
When they let me escape I started doing some research on exactly what I could expect and hit your site which has been really helpful. This inspired me to keep a record of my experiences in the hope that these will be of benefit to others so I have set up a blog at cirrushrl.blogspot.com which is still in it's early stages.Please feel free to reference this from your site next time you do an update; I have already included a link to your site.I have noted that many peoples experiences have been a little negative so I have either been lucky so far or perhaps it's just early days. I can't say I am looking forward to wearing this for a year or more, but since I have it I might as well get to understand and love it!

Keep up the good work

Best Regards



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